Fenwick’s Electronic Information Management (EIM) Practice Group is comprised of a unique combination of nationally recognized legal and IT pioneers and thought leaders.  On a nationwide basis, EIM helps clients of all shapes and sizes address electronically stored information (ESI) not only proactively day-to-day but also reactively in eDiscovery.

Proactive EIM:

Our various hybrid legal and IT services include: retention/destruction policies and regimes; litigation-preparedness and eDiscovery-readiness protocols; compliance with information-security laws and accompanying IT best-practices; technology-acceptable-use (and lack of employee privacy) policies; data-breach prevention/preparedness protocols; and social-media policies.

Reactive eDiscovery:

We have in-house technology, legal and review teams that result in a soup-to-nuts process 50-75% less expensive than methods used by the traditional law firm outsourcing approach and by expensive third party vendors. Our award-winning in-house, collaborative approach allows Fenwick to charge lower rates, while providing more accurate and strategic eDiscovery services.

Our in-firm deployment of the high-powered, end-to-end Lateral Data ViewPoint platform significantly reduce the amount of e-discovery data requiring attorney review and to improve accuracy.   From a scalability perpsective, our 1.2 Petabytes storage capacity is second to none.  Our 130 highly secure servers have hosted over 1,000 matters—one of the most robust EIM environments hosted by a law firm or any other entity.

To learn more, please visit EIM or contact Robert Brownstone.