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New Jersey 13th State to Protect Social Media Passwords

Posted in Applicant/Employee Online Privacy, Electronic Workplace, Employee/Applicant Online Privacy, Social Media Rewards and Risks
The Just-Signed New Jersey Law On Thursday August 29, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed revised legislation, namely A.B. 2878, which, among other restrictions, forbids employers to ask applicants or employees for their social-media or other online logins/passwords.  A few months back, on May 6, Gov. Christie had conditionally vetoed a prior iteration of the bill, asking that it not… Continue Reading

Employers’ Technology Acceptable Use Policies — Top Ten Tips

Posted in Electronic Workplace, Technology Acceptable Use Policies (TAUP's)
The Landscape of Electronic Workplace (eWorkplace)  Technology Acceptable Use Policies Every U.S. private and public sector employer should develop, maintain and enforce an effective, appropriate workplace technology-acceptable-use policy (“TAUP”).   In large part, a TAUP is a no-expectation-of-employee-privacy (“NoEEP”) policy.  Thus, to strive for maximum defensibility, every employer should keep up on two key tasks.  First, it… Continue Reading