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ESI & eDiscovery FRCP Changes @ 12/1/15 — While You Were Leftover-Eating

Posted in eDiscovery Law & Process, Federal Rules Changes, Meet and Confer, Preservation and Spoliation, Privilege Clawbacks
Introduction Now that you’ve likely had your fill of turkey sandwiches, turkey salad, turkey soup and the like, there is a new development on which to focus.  On midnight December 1, 2015 the eDiscovery-related Federal Rules of Civil Procedure changed for the first time since their adoption exactly nine years ago. The changes fall into three… Continue Reading

Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Criminal Prosecutions — a Library

Posted in eDiscovery Law & Process, Preservation and Spoliation
Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) Criminal Prosecutions — a Library Check out the new SOX Obstruction of Justice Resources Page now live at <>. Let me know of additional links to other statutes, decisions, articles, etc. And let’s be careful out there . . . . .  … Continue Reading

Translating for Technologists, Lawyers & Earthlings

Posted in Data Collection and Computer Forensics, eDiscovery Law & Process, Preservation and Spoliation
The Murky Way          An oft-repeated translating maxim is: technologists are from Mars, lawyers are from Venus. So getting IT folks and attorneys — both infamous for acronyms and jargon — to work together during eDiscovery can be challenging.  An interplanetary translator is often needed when attorneys and techies collaborate to tame the world of electronically stored information… Continue Reading